If you have not already read The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D Davis, I suggest you do, as it will give you further insight into the Davis Approach.

More information can be found on the Davis site

The Gift of Dyslexia is also available on CD, read by Ronald Davis himself.

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Ron Davis

Ron Davis, an American, was a failure at school and labelled "uneducatably, mentally retarded". Despite his difficulties, he became a very successful engineer, businessman and sculptor.

It was while sculpting one day in his studio that he realised that while he was at his artistic best, he was at his dyslexic worst - and conversely, when he was able to write a few notes down about his work, he could not then sculpt. This did not agree with what he had been told: that his dyslexia was due to a structural problem in his brain. However his dyslexia fluctuated, so he set about to explore and experiment on himself, to find the cause of dyslexia. This was in 1980. In April 1981, he opened the Reading Research Council to continue to research his own dyslexia and subsequently develop the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme as we know it today, having very successfully corrected his own dyslexia.

Ron now delivers workshops and talks on his approach to dyslexia around the world as well as continuing his  research in autism.