To give the client control of his/her orientation, and thus accurate perception.

To give the client skills and tools to correct his/her learning difficulties through the use of clay.

To address the goals of the client.

To give the client sufficient proficiency in the Davis methods to be able to continue the process at home.

To pass the responsibility of correcting the dyslexic symptoms to the client whilst maintaining support.

Programme information

A programme is most effective when provided on a one-to-one basis over five days. The cost includes a review day taken some two to three months after the programme.

DavisĀ® Dyslexia Correction Programme


Orientation - to gain accurate perception.

Symbol Mastery - to unravel confusions and master symbols.

Reading Skills - easy techniques to read and remember what you have read.

Handwriting - painless, easy writing.

Balance & co-ordination - develop effortless eye-hand co-ordination and balance.

Maths - learn with numbers not numerals.

Organisation skills and time management - if there's time!

Behaviour - learn self-control tools.