Thanks to all my clients who have contributed to this testimomial page.  I fully appreciate all the hard work and effort put into doing a programme and to receive feedback is very important, not only for me, but for future clients who are thinking about embarking on a programme.


Teressa: I was recommended to contact Nicky by a parent whose son had been through the Programme and had seen real benefits.We met and discussed Noah's difficulties; Nicky was extremely welcoming and reassuring and we enrolled on the Programme.

The best thing for me as a parent was knowing that Nicky had real experience of the problems dyslexics can have with concentration and where frustration and lack of confidence might occur. I was confident that Noah would be kept on track but that there would be an appreciation of the need for practical activity and exercise breaks.

There has been a significant change in Noah's approach since attending the Programme. His confidence and ability to manage a tendency to 'drift off' and be distracted has improved but mostly he has benefited from having someone properly understand his difficulties (and the reasons behind them) and offer practical techniques to counter them.

Noah: I thought the Program was very good. Firstly it was a good way to deal with my dyslexia – not reading and writing but the great use of clay and Kinaesthetic types of learning were great for me. Secondly Nicky understood my difficulties and it was very easy to talk to her. Thirdly and finally she taught me a great concentration skill that I use in class and stop myself from drifting. Since the program I have actually started to enjoy classes and with the use of my tools I can now follow what is happening in my particular lesson.

Caroline: You haven't heard from us in quite a while, but you worked with C 8yrs ago, if I remember rightly, when she was 8yrs old.We are all absolutely delighted. She worked so hard and has achieved and exceeded her expected results.When she started at secondary school one English teacher told her she would not achieve anything higher than a grade D at English GCSE! She has grown in confidence, and although she still doubts her ability sometimes, I am hoping these results will convince her of her talent. She has now gone back into the 6th Form to study Textiles, Product Design, Photography & ICT at A Level. Thank you so very much for the part you played in helping her reach her potential, gain control and grow in confidence and happiness. She comes home from school now with a smile on her face.

Di: In September last year I was experiencing some difficulties with my dyslexia at work.As a result of this I was looking on line for some help and come across Nicky Bennett-Baggs. I made a phone call to Access to Work and they were able to help with funding to do a 5 day course. By doing the course it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped to give me a great deal of independence. It has also given me new ways to help myself in the work place and in my own personal life.I have so much more confidence. The course was hard work but very good. A very good experience - thanks Nicky

Shona: Initially I thought how can this help my teenage son with dyslexia even though I'd read the book! We both thought it was a very worthwhile programme and Andrew continues to use his koosh balls every morning before school which sets up his concentration for the school day ahead. Thanks Nicky for opening up a different way of learning, concentrating and studying techniques.

Brendan:   "As parents we found that we were constantly being misunderstood by every education professional that we came into contact with through school or otherwise.  My son Jasper must have been a state of complete confusion.  And in addition, the standard support available in school merely served to attack his self esteem by underlining his reading limitations.  In a piece of last ditch research we found Ron Davis book.  Two months later we found Nicky.  Two months after that my son had already made significant advances in his reading, organisation, self-esteem, and overall well-being.  Another six months on and Dyslexia is no longer a problem in any way whatsoever.  In short: a life-changer."